This is how many hours NYU students spend studying for finals

Not including the hours of procrastination obviously

Throughout the semester, you will be remiss to not hear everyday NYU students complaining about how much work they have and sharing competing stories about how long they’ve spent in Bobst that particular week. And during finals week, this phenomenon gets even more intense.

Turns out that through those claims about all that time spent in the library, most NYU students are actually full of shit.

A recent study conducted by The Tab surveyed over 3,000 college students from across the country who reported their study habits, including how many hours they spend studying for finals week. The survey found that the average NYU student spends 7.9 hours studying during finals week, ranking them 33rd out of the 59 universities surveyed.

So in reality, NYU students probably do not spend as much time studying as they claim to. However, here’s another way to look at it – NYU students don’t need to spend as much time studying as students from all these others schools because we just naturally obtain all the knowledge we learn across the semester immediately.

Who needs to go to the library if you learn everything correctly first time around right?