Students actually came together for a ‘scream like Goku’ event

‘They made 20 people sound like an army’

Those joke campus events called "scream like Goku" and "run like Naruto" are real. One took place on Washington Square Park at NYU this week, where freshman Nick Royall spotted a dozen students going absolutely HAM:

Oh you thought this was a joke?

Posted by Nick Royall on Friday, September 1, 2017

Nick, who initially thought the event was a joke, told The Tab: "About 12 people were really going for it, and maybe another 20 were circled around watching and filming.

"I only stayed for 15 minutes and they were going the whole time. After I went back to my dorm, I could hear them for at least another hour. They made 20 people sound like an army.

"NYU's Welcome Week leader organized it and he thought nobody would come. But there were NYU students and a lot of people from the area. People in suits, someone in a Goku t-shirt. All these secret Dragon Ball Z fans came out to show their true colors.

"Next Friday there's a 'Run like Naruto' under the Washington Square arch. I feel like people might actually go it now."