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The Tab is a university news network run by students who like being first. We have teams of writers at leading colleges in the US and UK, breaking stories and shooting original videos that are seen around the world.

We were founded by three undergraduates at Cambridge University in 2009 as a reaction to out-of-touch campus newspapers. Since then, The Tab has grown into a global movement of bold, fearless and entertaining journalists reaching millions of readers every month.

Tab stories ignite conversations on campus: we livestream from protests, expose hypocrisy and discrimination and tell you which trash bars will accept your out-of-state fake.

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Last year our scoops appeared in The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and pretty much everywhere else. Reporters from those organizations call our journalists when they want to know what’s happening on the ground.

Our local teams are run by student editors who decide what to cover and how to cover it. They are supported by people who used to do their job – our editing staff who work at The Tab’s headquarters in New York and London.

We hire our best people when they graduate, and so do some of the world’s leading media companies. Ellie Pithers, one of our first editors, is now Fashion Features Editor at British Vogue, and dozens more Tab graduates are working for companies like Reuters, VICE, the BBC, BuzzFeed and the Daily Mail. Soon, Tab alumni will be running the media.

Join us.

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Editor-in-chief: Joshi Herrmann

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