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The Tab is a site covering college and youth culture run by journalists who like being first.

Most websites are happy to chew up their competitors’ articles and spit them out at their audience — we believe that readers deserve more. Our editors in New York publish confrontational interviews, sharp takes and voices that usually go unheard.

We also have local teams of bold and entertaining writers at leading universities, breaking campus news and shooting original videos that reach millions of people every month.

“The Tab uses traditional journalism tools like Freedom of Information Act filings, door-to-door sleuthing and libel training. But it also digs deep into Reddit, excavates meme chains and cultivates gossip.”

– The New York Times


Our scoops appear in The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and pretty much everywhere else.

Every day we train our most talented student contributors to be the first generation of truly digital reporters. They get hired straight out of college, either by us, or by the world’s leading media companies.

Tab graduates are working for: