University of York to compensate students for strikes with Lindt bunny

Better than free graduation gowns tbh

The University of York has announced plans to compensate students for disruption caused to their learning due to the strikes earlier this academic year.

The York Tab can exclusively reveal that money withheld from lecturers’ wages will buy every student at the University of York a chocolate Lindt bunny. Students are asked to complete the location census on eVision so that the university know where to send their chocolate bunnies.

Vegan students need not worry that they will miss out, as they will instead be provided with a Sainsbury’s own brand “Deliciously Free From Choc Egg.”

The decision has been taken as it was felt that students needed to be compensated for the disruption that they suffered as a result of the strikes in both Autumn and Spring semesters.

Students were compensated for the first wave of strikes two years ago with a free graduation gown, though the university felt that it was inappropriate to repeat this form of compensation given that third year’s graduation has been postponed.

York’s Vice-Chancellor, Charlie Jeffreys, told The York Tab: “I am delighted that we have found a way to compensate students for the disruption that they faced earlier this academic year.  I hope that the students find this form of compensation acceptable, as it has taken us a long time to come to this decision. We felt that this would be the best way to raise everyone’s spirits during a difficult time.”

Joe Smith, a third year Maths student at the University of York, told The Tab: “To be honest with you, I’m hopping mad. It’s frankly ridiculous that this is all the compensation that we’re receiving for two terms worth of disruption. I was hoping for a refund on my tuition fees, and instead they decide to give us a chocolate rabbit?”


Before you get annoyed, check the date – April Fool’s!