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University of York students start a petition for strike reimbursement

Addressed to the vice-chancellor

University of York students have started a petition asking for full reimbursement over the contact hours they've lost due to industrial action earlier this academic year, also for the hours lost in upcoming industrial action.

UCU announced 74 universities, including the University of York will be taking a further 14 days of industrial action over pay, working conditions and pensions.

The petition states that students at the university had already been affected by strikes that occurred back in November. Petition organisers highlight that they "understand and support the reasoning for industrial action." However, the impacts such as "timing of the strikes and inability to gain support from a university we pay thousands for is unacceptable."

The petition also states that although staff are striking to improve their own conditions, students "will endure the heavy repercussions."

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The petition is aimed at the University of York VC and UCU

The petition was started two days ago and currently has over 500 supporters.

In an email sent out to students, the vice-chancellor Charlie Jeffery said: "I am fully committed to getting a resolution to these issues around working conditions not only at a sector level, but also in forging ahead with developing our own response and solutions to these issues in York."

He also commented that "the call for further industrial action by UCU is regrettable and I believe, premature" against the progress being made in the USS pensions discussions and the UCEA proposals over establishing a framework to address employment issues.

With regard to the students at the university, the email states that the "Academic Contingency Group" will be reformed to prepare for potential strike action. The group will focus on mitigating "where possible the very negative impact on our students."

Industrial action is set to start on February 20th and go ahead for 14 days throughout February and March.

Students can find out more updates from the University of York Industrial Action information page.

The petition for reimbursement over contact hours can be found here.

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