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Salvation manager reveals the club isn’t going anywhere

Plans to convert the venue are a ‘fallback scheme’

Club Salvation is not going to be converted into a restaurant and flats, The York Tab can confirm.

York Press reported yesterday the venue was "set to" become a restaurant and holiday flats, "with 17 short stay apartments on the upper storeys for tourists or business travellers," after owners obtained planning permission last week.

The manager has since confirmed this is merely "a fallback scheme," and that there are "no plans to use the planning permission at this time." In a Facebook post, a spokesperson for the club said: "The culture of Salvo will continue for as long as you continue to come and party with us."

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The statement posted to the page

Club Salvation applied for planning permission to convert the current site into a restaurant and flats earlier this month, after similar plans were rejected by the council last year.

These plans were approved by a majority vote last Thursday evening, although management does not intend to make use of them yet.

Dave Sear, General Manager at Salvos, told The York Tab: "There are no plans to use the the planning permission at this time as it is a very successful business. It is simply a fall-back scheme."

The full statement posted to the club's page reads: "Who could have imagined that Salvo would ever be in the same sentence as the word 'culture'!

"Salvo, as it is fondly known, has been part of the culture of our amazing city for over 25 years.

"Over those 25 years we have strived to deliver a fun and exciting entertainment experience at a fair price.

"To all who love us, we are pleased to let you know that the culture of Salvo will continue for as long as you continue to come and party with us.

"Raise a bucket in true Salvo style – we're not going anywhere."

Featured image credit: York Parties Facebook page