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Salvos conversion plans set to be thrown out

The Lord heard our prayers

Following news earlier this year that the owners of Club Salvation had submitted plans to turn the nightclub into flats and a restaurant, council officers have asked that the proposal be turned down.

A meeting will take place on 7th February to determine the fate of the nightclub, and councillors on the planning committee have been urged to refuse the application.

The original proposal submitted to York City Council stated: "As the building sits now it is an eyesore and harms the surrounding buildings that maintain their detailing and identity from the 19th century.

"Also, removing the nightclub use will improve the area by creating a restaurant with an active frontage and strong sense of presence at street level for both residents and visitors to the City of York. The site will provide much needed quality accommodation and employment."

Contrary to the statement that altering the building will fix it from being an eyesore, York councillors believe that the plan to turn the club into flats risks causing substantial harm to the appearance of the conservation area in which it sits. A report prepared for the meeting states: "It is felt that the proposed upper level mansard extension would not be appropriate and would be harmful to the character of the conservation area by virtue of its excessive bulk, angular appearance and inappropriate material.

"At the same time the proposed shop front to 25 Tanner Row, even as amended, would also be harmful to the character and appearance of the conservation area by virtue of the jarring juxtaposition with the highly decorative frontage above."

Though it is not yet certain, it seems unlikely that the plans to turn Salvos into flats and a restaurant will go ahead.

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