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A Holocaust survivor is set to give a speech at the University of York

The event will be part of Holocaust Memorial Day

A Holocaust survivor will give a testimonial at the University of York on Wednesday 30th January 2019.

The event will take place in the week following Holocaust Memorial Day which is observed annually on the 27th January.

Marc Schatzberger was born in Vienna to Jewish parents from Poland. He faced anti-semitism in Austria and was sent to London by his parents via the Kindertransport.

Marc kept in touch with his parents until war was declared and later found out that they had both been killed in Auschwitz concentration camp.

He will discuss what life was like at the Jewish Refugee's Children Hostel in Margate where he was taken care of. Following his testimony, he will take questions from the audience.

The event will take place in P/X/001 and is free, though due to huge interest in the event you will need to book a ticket which you can do here.

It has been organised by Regional Ambassadors of the Holocaust Educational Trust in conjunction with Constantine/Goodricke College and York Jewish Society. There will be a collection bucket in order to help the Trust continue its work.

When asked why it is important that people attend events like Marc Schatzberger's testimonial, a representative for York Jewish Society said: "No one person's reason will be exactly the same as another's. For many it is an echo of painful personal and family history, while for others it may be merely academic, or a matter of support, or of an inexplicable need for catharsis.

"Ultimately, however, everyone can connected by this, and with the understanding that in a few years, we won't have many first-hand accounts left, it is imperative that the youth and the professionals today continue this legacy, and make sure nothing like this could happen again. It is a real honour, as the social secretary to the York Jewish Society, to help put this together for the benefit of hundreds of people right around us, and I'm sure every other member could say much more."

Marc Schatzberger's speech follows the Sabbs' trip to Auschwitz concentration camp back in November 2018.