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Students plan to form a ‘human chain around Salvos’ in order to save the club

What would Wednesday nights be without the blood, sweat, and tears of top floor Salvos?

Following the news that Salvos could be converted into a restaurant and flats, York students nerves are in tatters.

Salvos, the heart and soul of York student nightlife, is the centre of every UoY student's week, with Wednesday sport socials and Friday's Koh Samui.

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After the shocking news broke yesterday, not only have countless Yorfess and University of York Memes posts been made mourning the potential location change, but some Uni of York students have gone one step further, planning a peaceful protest against the possible move.

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Salvos is every York student's place of worship, let's be honest

The event, created by the biggest sports club on campus Derwent College AFC, reads:

"We have never owed so much to one nightclub. The news that Club Salvation may at some point in the future be closing could not come at a more suitable time.

"While this re-sit week highlights how our time at university is limited, it is our duty to look after our traditions in order to pass them on to future Derwenters. What would Wednesday nights be without the blood, sweat and tears of top floor Salvos? Best friends are forged through the urine and chunder covered floors.

"This Friday, as we all hopefully have saved our places at university, it is time to #saveoursalvos. 

Meet for drinks, followed by memoirs of our favourite Salvos memories before we head to town with banners containing the message #saveoursalvos. 

Theme is your favourite social from your time at university.

"'You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, never can you change your favourite nightclub.' – Eric Bantana"

RIP Society-Salvos nights

Speaking to The Tab, Aidan Duffy, one of the creators of the Facebook event, said: "Club Salvation has been a huge part of my university life, having been home to many great memories and where I met many of my best friends. It would be a huge loss to York's nightlife [if it were converted into a restaurant and flats]."

We've already been through the loss of Willow in 2015, Phats moving out of The Duchess, and this latest threat to our nightlife isn't going to hurt any less.