Derwent freshers are building Lego together as a floor

They are building a replica of London’s Tower Bridge

Taking nights off can be boring and tedious, and if doing work sounds too daunting, what better is there to do than sit back, listen to SBTRKT, drink red wine from Nisa and build Lego?

Lego is that one incorruptible toy from childhood that no one can have a bad word to say about and freshers from Derwent College recently purchased an impressive Tower Bridge Lego set.

The task ahead of them is challenging as the final piece will be 102cm in length and 45cm in height and was strongly recommended for Lego experts only.

The freshers religiously built the Lego up over time until it reached this impressive position at the beginning of the week:

Blood, sweat and tears were involved in construction

Yuv and Michelle, the heads of Lego construction and when asked about the project completion date said: “The project is going well, however, a few technical difficulties have hit recently, meaning our completion date has had to be postponed…” It is unclear what exactly these ‘technical details’ were.

Whilst there is still some way to go until the ambitious project reaches its ultimate fruition, The Tab will be keeping up to date with the proceedings and hope to report back shortly once finished. Watch this space.