There will be free Greggs on campus tomorrow

The event is raising awareness about food wastage

Free Greggs?! This is surely the best thing ever to happen on our concrete campus?!

Unfortunately, if you’re not in Derwent, you can’t have any.

DGC (Derwent Global Community) have teamed up with YourCafe to provide Derwent students with free Greggs, with the event happening alongside the iconic jacket potato Wednesdays. If you’re in Derwent, head down to grab some free food and talk to the Derwent Global Community.

Derwent Global Community is a group of Derwent students who run projects and initiatives on campus in order to promote and raise awareness of human rights issues. Fred Salt, organizer of the event said the focus of this particular project “is that of food wastage and our aim is to raise a bit of awareness about just how much perfectly good food goes in the bin.”

YourCafe and DGC have collected Greggs surplus food that would otherwise have been binned and are distributing it to students.

Also, DGC are running another food-waste related initiative later in the week. Volunteers are going to be going around Derwent halls and collect any food that people don’t need. As term comes to a close you might have a few left over tins of beans or anything else that you no longer need which you can donate to a good cause. This left-over food will be donated to the Food Not Bombs charity who cook and serve food to the homeless.