It’s 2016, and chav socials are somehow still a thing

The University Lacrosse Club held one last week

Last Wednesday, the Lacrosse social was ‘chav’ themed. Yes. This is a thing that happened in 2016.

Members of the Lacrosse club descended upon Salvation dressed up in a mixture of cheap bling, football shirts, snapbacks, and polos. The Facebook event description also made multiple references to Vicky Pollard of television’s Little Britain, a show last aired in 2006 when this year’s freshers were eight years old.

Katie Smith, chair of the Socialist Society at the University said that it was disappointing that “demonising the working class is still seen as appropriate” and described the social as “classist” and “unacceptable”.

Many will defend the chav themed event, refuting that it is classist, ‘I know loads of chavs who are rich’ they will say. It would be great to see the organisers of chav socials ask some actual ‘chavs’ what they think of their theme.

Surely the idea of a bunch of middle class university kids running around a club, laughing at the fact that they are dressed up as a stereotype whose access to the education they are currently getting is limited is questionable. Surely that’s where the hilarity comes from? The fun of dressing up as something so far removed from who you are in your normal day to day life.

Last year, Derwent cancelled their infamous ‘Chav D’ event, replacing it with a ‘cops and robbers’ theme. While this was a step in the right direction, chav themed events are still, unfortunately, a regular phenomenon.

Organisers of the cancelled event said at the time: “With so many possible themes, why pick one that could offend?”

It’s 2016, can we all agree to put down the hooped earrings, leave the fake tattoo sleeves at home, let’s stop going into town on a Wednesday morning to buy cheaper clothes at shops where real people actually shop, only to rock up on a Wednesday night so we can all laugh at how ridiculous we look?

The University of York Lacrosse Club were contacted for comment.