Clubbers of the week

Don’t worry, term is almost over

In a week where we found out that York was most people’s second choice uni, our clubbers have done us proud, contributing over one thousand identical club photos. Here are the best ones.

Hotties of the week

Standard revs

Runners up

A fine contribution from FRAT this week

Abdominals of the week

Get that man a plaster, he’s cut

Wanker of the week

Girl is ‘mouthing’ something as well I’m sure

Beard of the week

Could lose yourself in that forest

Best use of a dab to check for smelly pits

I knew it would come in handy

Boob grab of the week

‘It’s OK we’re all friends here’

Couple of the week

I’m so happy for them I could vomit

Least impressive album cover of the week

Less BBK more WI

Lost supporters of the week

Mambo lounge is littered with lost supporters and lost dignity

Most jealous of an arm around the shoulder of the week

Didn’t know you cared so much?

Possessed photobomb of the week

Devil leaving the body or sudden realisation that you followed through?

Smallest arms of the week


Worst attempt to maintain a friend’s dignity of the week

Might as well not even have tried

YorkParties photos by Kluens

C9 events and Phats photos by Hodge