We asked you if York is boring

Not even Willow could save us now

With a combined student population of only 21,000, a tendency for flooding and only a small handful of clubs, you could argue that the City of York is definitely struggling to keep up with its neighbouring party hotspots of Leeds and Sheffield.

It’s no wonder that the most exciting moments are petty student rivalries, our Yik Yak prowess, faulty exam papers and, of course, the geese.

I wandered around and asked a few people the question that has been haunting York students from the very beginning: is York boring?

Eve, Philosophy, second year

Eve, Philosophy, Second year

Generally yeah, but it is what you make of it so if you have decent friends it’s alright. Student nights are pretty repetitive but events like Blackbox and Drop make up for it.

Kirsty, Archaeology, third year

“I think it can be, but not if you make the best of it. Although it will be boring for boring people.”

Tess, Music, first year

“Its safe, comfortable, and you don’t get as many creepy guys on a night out in comparison to London – apart from in Pop World.”

Ellie, English and Philosophy, second year

“It gets a bad rep from people who have never been to York or only visited once, but for how small the city is it’s alright.”

James, History, second year

“It’s a nice size, there’s plenty of stuff to do and the city has a great historical aspect.”

Beth and Yannick, English, second year

Beth: “Nights out are fun and different.”

Yannick: “It’s cosy but active.”

Amy, French and Spanish, third year

“Not as good as other places, but there’s quite a bit to do.”

Freddie, he-doesn’t-even-go-here, 20

“As long as you make a conscious effort to avoid the locals on a night out…oh wait, that’s me..”