Sexual assaults in York have halved this year

There have still been six attacks in the city centre

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There have been six sexual assaults on students in York city centre this year.

The data, obtained by The Tab, refers to attacks on people aged between 18 and 24 years old.

This is a reduction of over 50 per cent from the 14 sexual assaults reported in 2014.

Grace, a Derwent first year, commented: “I haven’t seen it much as a fresher.

“York feels like a very safe city. Compared to where I live anyway.”

Millie, another fresher, agreed. She said: “I haven’t heard of anything.”

However, a lot more work must be done to increase the safety of young people in York, as many feel sexual harassment is still prevalent in the city centre and in York’s clubs.

International student Tuva said: “I’m from a very small village and I’m not used to clubbing, so it was a big change.

“I am worried about wearing short skirts. But even when I was wearing jeans people still grab my ass.”