Fibbers is the most crime-ridden club in York

Revs came a very close second

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Fibbers is the club in York with the most police call outs.

According to data obtained from the police by The Tab, 39 call outs were made to the Toft Green club between January and June this year.

Fibbers were closely followed by Revs, who were the location of 30 calls.

Interestingly, Salvation had the least with 14 call outs. And they say those cocktail buckets are trouble.

The data also reveals that Kuda have cracked down on rowdy drunks this year, with only 23 call outs in the first half of 2015 – compared to a huge 162 calls made in 2014.

However management at Fibbers described the stats as “inaccurate” due to the club’s location.

Matthew Radcliffe, from Fibbers, said: “These stats are incredibly unfair.

“We’ve had meetings with the police about it. When a fight spills out of any of the clubs, it gets pinned on us.

“The statistics aren’t for inside the club, so when a fight spills out of Salvation, or Mansion, or even the station, we get tarred with the same brush.

“Of course there is crime in the city centre. But if you actually speak to students, they’ll say we’re the safest.”

The other clubs have been contacted for comment.