An ode to the 44

Well it’s a hell of a lot better than the 66

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Perhaps it’s been a long day of yakking, or maybe you just want a cheeky trip into town for a wild night out.

Maybe, after pondering getting a taxi at pres, no-one has taken the initiative of bloody booking the bastard. Now you’re at the bus stop, cold, a little inebriated and very impatient.

But what’s that you see in the distance? No, not the purple monstrosity that is the 66.  It’s the glorious 44 bus, ready to take you on a beautiful journey not only into town, but into your soul.

Even waiting for it is a joy

The fact is, it’s  a good old fashioned unibus. Simple and effective, which is just what you need from it.

The occurrence of them in pairs is also incredibly rare, in contrast to the 66 bus where buses seem to be inseparable and practically joined at the hip. Cute, perhaps, but really just unbelievably irritating like reminds you of that couple in your flat.

Actual VIP experience

Once on the vehicle, you are greeted with the photos of smiling faces who are clearly just as happy to be riding the bus as you are. Their smiles are simply contagious and you can’t help feeling a little smug that you’re sharing this experience with them.

Not only that, but the slightly smaller space means that the bus really fosters a sense of community between even the most hostile of the groups. The drunken freshers ride seemingly in harmony with the focused postgrads. It really is a thing of beauty, a utopian dream become reality.

Who wouldn’t be happy to see this chap on the bus ?

Practically speaking, its a total joy.  Aside from the fact that it actually tends to run on time (I’m looking at you 66), the fact you can actually charge your phone on public transport is mindblowing. How many times do you realise your iPhone is on 30 per cent when you’re about to set off? The 44 is a lifesaver.

For Hes East residents, its convenience is unparalleled with it stopping right outside Langwith, making Hes East (slightly) less of a wasteland. Though someone should probably confirm this for me – I personally feel like going to Hes East is sort of a waste of a perfectly decent bus journey.

Our hero

When deciding if maybe you should just jump on the raucous 66, the vehicle of debauchery, or even walk that 20 minutes between campuses – just consider the merits of the 44. It has driven right in to my heart.

Not literally. That would be as awful as having to take the 66.