To the barricades! Could this year’s NUS Conference give Yorkshire the rep it’s urgently needed for decades?

Our time is now brothers

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The political heavyweights at the National Union of Students are voting on whether to elect a specific Officer for the region of Yorkshire and Humberside.

In a bold echo of the harrowing Belgian Revolution of 1830, reps from Sheffield Hallam SU will propose a motion which could serve as a clarion call for wild-eyed separatists and devastate the country’s largest county.

Last night quaking union officials warned how the vote could set off a domino effect, resulting in the break-up of the United Kingdom.


The vote comes 12 months after calls for an NUS London Full Time Officer, a motion sensationally voted down by the 2014 conference and denounced as “rash and dangerous” by leading political scientists.

Reasons given for the establishment of the Yorkshire role include how “the National Executive Council has yet to recognise Yorkshire and Humberside as an Area which could have autonomous existence” and “if Yorkshire was a country, it would be higher in the 2012 Olympic medal table than South Africa, Japan and Australia”.

The national interests of South Africa, Japan and Australia staggeringly remain unrepresented on the National Union of Students.

The motion also laments how Yorkshire and Humberside were crippled by Margaret Thatcher’s regime and has suffered ever since.

Hull City currently sit 17th in the Premier League.

When told of the motion, one York Uni student said: “What? Why?”