Posh second-year dyes tenner pink

‘Where’s mummy’


Coming to uni means having to do the domestic chores that we previously relied on our mums or dads (or cleaners) for.

For most this is a walk in the park. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, bed-making, it all seems pretty easy.

But for some, a simple load of laundry is beyond them.

Damn those red trousers

Poor Ashley Marsh was horrified to find his red chinos bled in the load.

And although he’d kept his whites separate – he hadn’t checked his pockets before throwing the trousers in.

The Applied Social Science student panicked when he saw he’d dyed a ten pound note PINK.

photo 1 (2)

Ashley was at first delighted he’d found money in one piece.

But he then worried over whether Revs would accept his pink pound.

Thankfully Revs did accept the pink tenner and Ashley had a great night.

But remember, kids, always get your butler to empty your pockets before you wash your red chinos.

Red trousers, cigar, money and gin. No stereotype here