Meet the SU Candidates: Education

Let us educate you

Election week is upon us and its driving everyone a bit crazy. So if no, you don’t have a minute to talk about policies, but you do kind of care, this is where you can find everything you need to know.

The education officer position has two candidates this year, one from arts and one from science, but both promise to improve the education facilities at UoN. From online learning to improving the student service centres if elected they would be responsible for any changes to the structure of your education at Nottingham.

(You can find the candidates’ manifestos here, but really no one has time to read them).

Cassie O’Boyle

Slogan: #CassieCan

Key promises:

– introduce annual Education Network Awards

–  create a section of the SU webpage with public access to University policy

–  reform the policy on Extenuating Circumstances

– ensure all students have access to Lecture Capture

“Voting for Cassie for Education is voting for engagement, accessibility, transparency, consistency, welfare and support. Vote for Cassie because Cassie Can make the difference to your education.”


Declan Greaves

Slogan: #Dec4Ed

Key promises:

– introduce drop-in sessions with Course, Education and Faculty Reps

–  improve support for students during all aspects of their year abroad

–  campaign for improved library facilities, building off of success of George Green development

– improve communication between Student Service Centres and individual schools

“I like helping people, and making sure they reach their potential. I’m a logical thinker, and care more about getting the best possible solution than a quick, easy fix, that’s bound to have issues later!”