How to dress like you’re at Nottingham

You’re less original than you think you are

Ever thought, “God, I would just love to look like your average Nottingham student?”

Probably not, as we all pride ourselves on being individual, but we’ve spotted some trends that aren’t as original as you may think.

With these, you’ll be able to dress like you really belong here.

The checked scarf 

The comfortable blanket, the go-to accessory to add a bit of colour to any outfit and the one thing that makes a simple jumper and jeans combo look remotely fashionable.

This trend came into force when tartan stormed the runways and has stuck around since.

No girl should be without one.

The fur-lined parka 

This is the practical yet fashionable coat.

It keeps you dry, warm and trendy and is commonly seen on BNOCs sauntering in late from a heavy night.

The ankle boots

These handy shoes are comfortable yet smart and are the staple of any winter wardrobe.

And because of this every single girl in Hallward is wearing a pair.

You can pair these with leggings, jeans or a skirt and work to either smarten or grunge up your day to night outfit.

The oversized denim jacket 

It’s been around since forever and sees us through rain and shine.

And as the 90s rules and the wavey garms are the epitome of any House loving posho, a denim jacket (preferably vintage and 20 sizes too big) is a staple piece.

The bobble hat

This look was first debuted with the cast of Made in Chelsea and has quickly seeped through Hu Stu into campus.

Its the perfect accessory to keep warm this winter and is an adorable touch to any outfit.

The ripped jeans

No longer is this confined to forgotten punk bands. Now all jeans are just plain wrong if there isn’t some form of skin gaping through.

This trend is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your outfit and also breaks up any colour blocks.

The hipster jumper

This a trend that was made for students.

The slouchy jumper is perfect for days when it’s just too hard to dress yourself properly but can easily be made fashionable with the right accessories.