nimby council reject uni windfarms

Selfish whinging busybodies celebrate.

Nottinghamshire Councils have rejected Nottingham University’s bid to erect wind turbines that would drastically reduce its carbon footprint after some local residents argued that it would ruin the view from their houses.

The rejection went through even though professionals quoted that it will reduce the University’s carbon emissions by up to 7,000 tonnes per year, which equates to nearly 40% of the targeted reductions required by 2015.

In July 2011 the University of Nottingham submitted planning applications to Nottingham and Broxtowe Councils for permission to build three wind turbines on University Land near Clifton Bridge, adjacent to the River Trent.

In October last year Broxtowe Borough Council rejected permission for one to be built near Beeston Rylands.

However, according to The Nottingham Post, this week Nottingham City Council has rejected plans for the further two turbines the University was hoping to build.

Pretty nice, actually! Artist’s impression of the planned windfarm near Beeston

Wind energy is a renewable and clean source of energy and the university’s small personal wind farm could supply energy directly to University Park.

The plans have been rejected due to fears of excessive noise, interruption with the airport’s radar systems at East Midlands and a detrimental impact on the wildlife.

However, a student survey carried out initially showed a huge majority of students voting for the wind farm and a minute proportion of less than 6% opposing the plans but when it came down to the official response to the second planning application (two turbines off Lenton Lane) the majority overruled the plans.

With the margin of decision as small as only 50 people surely the benefits outweigh the costs? The energy supplied by the turbines would improve the status of the university and affect the future allocation of government funding.

The university has since appealed the decision for the first turbine and are awaiting an outcome from Broxtowe Borough Council.