If you don’t live in city campus you’re missing out

There’s life outside of Fallowfield

We’re all familiar with the shocked expression on Manc students’ faces when someone says they live in the city, almost as if life beyond Oxford/Wilmslow Road is completely alien.

Admitting to a Fallowfield resident that you live in the city is almost like social suicide. But how many of them have actually experienced city life and all the benefits it has to offer?

It may not have the same sociable student buzz as Fallowfield, but city campus is still an interesting, cheap and exciting place to stay for the first year of uni.

You live so close to everything

The obvious advantage is everything being within walking distance. Uni buildings, the Arndale, Deansgate Locks, and Northern Quarter are all in close proximity, and there’s no need for a bus pass or paying for public transport. Everything you could want in the city is right at your fingertips, and I guarantee no-one in Fallowfield saw James Nesbitt filming in their local bar whilst they were having a Frappacino next door.

You’re surrounded by public transport

With Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Victoria train stations all walkable from city student accommodation, transport is easily accessible. This means the possibility of a last minute train to your mate’s uni for a mad Friday sesh is always on the cards. Trams from the centre make it easy to visit areas outside of the city, and the 147 bus is free for students travelling as far as the Student’s Union. You’ve already saved £200 on a bus pass and you don’t even have to pay for cabs after nights out, win win.

Piccadilly Station

Our library is better than the Ali G

The John Rylands library offers a serene study space with the added feel of Hogwarts. This stunning building is a great place to get your head down or just have a look around, and is a break from the bustling student life of the main library or the Ali G. You can get there after 10 and still get a computer, absolute bliss.

There are so many bars and clubs nearby

Though Fallowfield is famous for its cheap pubs and bars, we all know the real fun begins in the city. Firstly, there’s no need to spend twenty minutes on the bus to get to Factory, or pay for an uber to take you to Deansgate. Living in the city means you can always walk to clubs and save money for an extra drink when you’re there.

Weston Hall Accommodation is right around the corner from Factory, Fifth and Joshua Brooks, plus the Lass O’Gowry which does a cracking Sunday Roast. Whether it’s an alternative night out in the Northern Quarter, a fancy one on Deansgate or a sophisticated drink in Spinningfields, the city centre offers it all.


Plain and simple, Ubers are always around the corner from wherever you are. You never have to wait longer than two minutes for a cab, that’s if you ever need one.

Northern Quarter 

Manchester’s edgiest area. The Northern Quarter is famous for it’s alternative vibes and quirky bars. There’s a massive range of restaurants and cafes, with a cool, indie club never far away. Vintage shops dominate and you can’t visit without getting a hipster picture of some profound graffiti on a brick wall ready to put on Instagram.

We are a hub for the arts

The AMC cinema offers £5 student tickets, and Home is a great place to catch new films, theatre and events. There are many theatres in the city including The Royal Exchange and Palace Theatre plus the masses of music venues are always close by so you don’t have to worry about how to get home from a gig.


You don’t get views like this in Fallowfield.

For those with their hearts set on life in Fallowfield, this probably hasn’t done much in the way of convincing you. But basically, you’re missing out.