Birdcage promoter says girls have to be ‘8/10 or above’ to work for him

And you must ‘love free alcohol and money’

A promoter posted a Facebook status claiming he had the perfect job for 8/10 and above females that love dancing and free alcohol. 

Jonny Ransome, a promoter for Flirt Fridays at Birdcage posted this status: “If you’re female, 8/10 and above, love free alcohol, money and dancing, then message me now. I’ve got the perfect job for you.”

Jonny said the job would include hostessing at Birdcage in exchange for free entry to all of their events, VIP, invitations to monthly staff parties and free alcohol.

When asked about his status, Jonny said: “It’s not a serious statement it’s only banter on the status. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

“8/10 is an impossible rating to conclude anyway, everybody’s theoretical rating would be different based on preference.”

Manchester student Annabel said: “When promoters are really shallow, which it seems they always are, it puts me off going to a club night. I don’t want to be judged while I’m there.”

Whilst second year Eve said: “The fact he said ‘it’s only for the banter’ says it all. Discriminating against girls based on their looks is not banter.”

When asked if they were involved, Birdcage said: “Thank you for letting us know, but we’d prefer not to comment on this.”