Traumatised Green Court fresher’s room ruined by fire extinguisher on his first night

It’s supposed to be one of the best nights of your life…

Freshers’ is a time for making friends, getting pissed and just generally having a mental time.

But one Green Court fresher was left with a soggy mattress when a group of new mates sprayed a fire extinguisher all over his new room.

Tom Hodgkisson invited a group of “massive 24-year-old lads” back to his, but it all kicked off when one of them tried to pinch his shower gel.

Such an innocent face

As with many a mad night in Fallowfield, Tom kicked off his night in Squirrels: “I was the only boy to arrive on my corridor that day, so I just went to squirrels to try and meet some people.

“I know some girls here from second year that were going out that night, so I invited them to come see my room after they got back.

“However, they turned up absolutely smashed and, unbeknownst to me, invited six massive 24-year-old lads to come along.”

The struggle ensued…

Following a traumatic incident involving one of the lads attempting to steal the Geographer’s shower gel, he basked in the glory of eventually managing to kick them out.

But alas, the lads weren’t done with their trickery just yet.

“I heard an eruption of manly giggles from outside my door which then burst open to reveal the shower gel perpetrator wielding a fire extinguisher.”

With a sad, reflective look in his innocent eyes, told told The Tab: “No sooner had my jaw dropped than it was instantaneously filled with the white foam exploding from the extinguisher all over my room.”

Accurate reenactment of the shower gel incident

Why do these things happen to me?

The hoodlems’ weapon of choice

“It covered everything.

“From the new duvet, pillows and lamp to my curtains and the entire contents of my newly filled wardrobe, but I’m pretty sure most of it just went over me.”

Tom rightfully told The Tab that it was “so shit”.

Artistic illustration of the event

After a few hours of coughing himself to sleep on his wet, foam-covered mattress, Tom was “rudely” awoken at 9am by the OP cleaner loudly banging on his door.

“The cleaner threatened me with a £100 fine for inappropriate use of the fire extinguisher, which the lads had so thoughtfully left directly outside my door.”

Before Tom could even respond to this outrageous accusation, he was forced to lunge for the sink as his body chundered up the remnants of the foam from the night before.

But luckily Tom managed to plead his case and escape paying the fine.

That won’t get him the 18 buds back that the lads stole from his fridge on the way out though.