ULU dance floor will be transformed to witness first ever Muay Thai Kickboxing Varsity

Six fighters from both UCLU and KCLSU will face each other in the ring at ULU tomorrow evening in the first ever Muay Thai Kickboxing Varsity

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The UCLU Muay Thai side are looking strong for tomorrow’s fight against KCLSU, where 6 seasoned fighters will battle it out in the ring.

The UC Muay Thai Varsity squad has been training hard for months. Members have even gone to boxing camps in Thailand and  trained with world-class international instructors.

During Reading Week, UC Muay Thai  went to Amsterdam to train at Mike’s Gym, one of the best Muay Thai gyms outside of Thailand.

With this wealth of experience and quality training, our UC fighters are prepared to bring home Varsity victory against King’s.

Want to cheer on your favourite UC fighter from beyond the ring? Here’s a lowdown on the UCLU Muay Thai Varsity Squad:

Dom Meehan

Subject: Mind-reading

Favourite strike: The fear I strike into my opponents’ hearts

Favourite Muay Thai memory: Training upon the Wudang mountain with Master Po

How do you prepare for a fight? Mental destruction of my enemy

Freddie McNicholas

Freddie (right) winning

Subject: Accumulated wisdom of the ancients.

Favourite strike: Spinning back elbow

Favourite Muay Thai memory: Being actively encouraged to cheat by a world champion

How do you prepare for a fight? Kicking concrete posts.

Jiayan Ng

Subject: Human Amorality

Favourite strike: Whichever breaks my opponent first

Favourite Muay Thai memory: Repping UCL at Kings of The Ring

How do you prepare for a fight? I don’t, the fight prepares for me

Basil Matthew Ng

Subject: Aerodynamics

Favourite strike: Flying knee

Favourite Muay Thai memory: When I threw a fireball

How do you prepare for a fight? Chopping trees with my kick

Jonathan Jacob Pearson

Subject: Chemistry

Favourite stroke: Front crawl

Favourite Muay Thai memory: Making an epic comeback in round 3

How do you prepare for a fight? Preparation is for the unprepared

Hong Chun Leung

Subject: Artificial Intelligence

Favourite Strike: The standard one-two

Favourite Muay Thai memory: Getting repeatedly trashed by partners in training

How do you prepare for a fight? By manning up.

The Muay Thai Varsity will be held at ULU tomorrow night – tickets are only £3 and are selling out fast. Get yours now to avoid disappointment!