The most ridiculous uni drinking games

The Tab gives you a run-down of the weirdest ways students get drunk

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DISCLAIMER: The Tab has provided this list for purely academic reasons. We accept no responsibility for any decisions you yourself make. 

Somewhere, buried deep in the annals of time, someone decided that just having a few drinks and subsequently becoming drunk just wasn’t quite speedy enough.

Some say drinking games were invented by the Vikings, but they’re mental. It’s much more likely that it was a bunch of bored students with a surplus of White Lightning and no lectures the next day.

Out of the respect for the time-honoured tradition, and because we’re sick beaut unaaaay paper, we’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculous drinking games of all time. For posterity.


1. Edward Cider-hands/Amy Wine-hands


Literally this. (Twitter MikeFriday09)


Rules: Look at the above photo. Note the electric tape and cider bottles. This is the basis of Edward Cider-hands. Strap two bottles of cider to your hands. You can only take them off once you’ve drunk the lot. (A variation can be played with wine.)

Pros: Cheapish, heavy on the puns and pretty easy to follow.

Cons: Actually doing an Amy Winehouse. Not for the lighthearted, this is binge drinking at its worst.


2. Ring of Fire


Willkommen to ze party.


Rules: An absolute classic, Ring of Fire is the Monopoly of drinking games, with a variety of complicated rules based on a deck of cards. There are too many to explain here, so luckily someone set up and entire website dedicated to the craft. Click here. 

Pros: The most likely to result in ridiculous stories you’ll still be telling years later. Involves largish groups of people and good for bonding. Also, it’s an actual game.

Cons: Hard to remember any of said rules after about five minutes, can go on  for bloody ages, and THE KING CUP.


3. The Centurion. 


All you need to know


Rules: Set aside a hundred minutes from your day. Every minute, on the minute, drink a shot of beer/cider/snakebite. That is all.

Pros: You don’t have to down anything gross, and it gets everyone going.

Cons: Easier than it looks. That’s a hell of a lot of liquid.


4. The Boat Race 


Are they in a village hall? I think they’re in a village hall.


Rules: Two teams stand opposite each other. Two members facing each other at one end begin downing a pint, before placing the empty glass on their head. The next person on their team can only begin drinking once their teammate has finished.  The first team to finish their drinks wins.

Pros: This is basically a sport, so you feel really good about yourself.

Cons: Competition brings out the worst in people. Especially drunk people.


5. Depth Charge


Nail varnish optional


Rules: Fill a pint glass about 3/4 of the way up. Carefully float a shot glass on the top. Each player takes turns splashing a bottle of spirits into the shot the glass. The player holding the glass when  the shot falls into the beer has to down the lot immediately.

Pros: Involves mad skills.

Cons: Quite vommy.


6. Moustache TV



Rules: Draw/affix a moustache to your television set. Whenever someone’s face lines up exactly with the aformentioned ‘tache, take a drink. If the character already has a tickler, drink twice.

Pros: You just have to sit there.

Cons: Might wreck your tv.


7. The Sir David Attenborough Drinking Game


If you look closely, that frog is completely battered.


Rules: As above. (There are a lot of tv/film based ones, but this is a great one) Best played with Planet Earth.

Pros: Watching/Hearing Sir David.

Cons: Feeling like you’re besmirching Sir David’s good name.


8. Drink




Rules: Just drink your bloody booze

Pros: Drinking

Cons: Absolutely none