This is how you can win £1000 with Leeds Student Group on Facebook

You could try every takeaway in Leeds with that sort of cash

Leeds Student Group (LSG) on Facebook have returned from their hiatus bearing gifts. They’re offering one student £1000 in rent directly bank transferred to you to celebrate their return and the launch of Bunch, a new renting platform. The competition just went live today, so read on to find out how to enter.

LSG has had its ups and downs recently following the black eyed peas debacle and extremely high engagement which resulted in them being suspended from Facebook for a week.

LSG admin, Farris Ramzy, spoke to The Leeds Tab about the page being shut down, and said Facebook apologised to them about the ban:

“Our team always identify and respond quickly to issues in the group, and we were made aware of a situation that was quickly getting out of control. Last week, we received an influx of reported posts, and Facebooks internal system flagged some up that violated community guidelines.

“We appealed and gave them evidence into how we had been working hard to get on top of the situation (our team deleted around 100 posts that day), and after their review Facebook actually apologised to us, which was pretty crazy. We didn’t expect that!”

Farris said the group is updating its terms to stop this happening again: “From now, we are also updating our groups rules that will state comments that explicitly mentions individual’s personal information, such as names/pictures/addresses will be automatically removed.”

But luckily for Leeds students, who have been lost without the missing parcel posts, and Hyde Park memes, the group is back with a bang. It is offering a 1k prize to celebrate their return and the launch of The Bunch, a new renting platform. At 5pm today LSG went live with the large giveaway. All you have to do to win is like this admin post that will be on the page this evening, tag a (house)mate, and fill out the form linked to the post. It’s that simple! Like, tag, and fill in a form to win a grand. Easiest £1000 I’ll ever make.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Monday 8th February, so get entering!

However, as the group is expanding, the need for more members of the team is becoming stronger and LSG are asking for anyone who would be interested in becoming a moderator or an admin.

Farris said: “I strongly believe in our teams’ moral compass when mediating situations like this, but it would be irresponsible to say we don’t occasionally need a bit of help, and thats exactly why we are looking for people that are plugged into the Leeds student life with a strong moral understanding of whats right and wrong.”

If you are interested in becoming a moderator or admin for the Facebook group, please contact Farris on Instagram.