Leeds is the best university in the UK

Other unis have nothing on us

If you ask anyone what its like to go to our fine university, chances are you’ll get the same satisfied,if slightly smug, response.

You’ll find everyone who goes to Leeds loves Leeds. That’s the way it is. Everyone feels incredibly proud to be part of such a a prestigious university that makes other Redbrick unis look like primary schools in comparison.

Every year we’re placed comfortably at the top endof the academic and student satisfaction tables, striding nonchalantly past the other universities with characteristic ease. But the league tables don’t tell the whole story.

You simply can’t standardise the Leeds spirit that courses through the veins of everyone fortunate enough be here. Whether its the warm mirth exuding from the patrons of Terrace or the cheap Dionysian thrills of Fruity, no one can deny the unique vibrancy of our community. We’re better than everyone else, and here’s why.

Hyde Park is the centre of the universe

It really is. Hyde Park exists within a microcosm of fashion, dirty beats and basements that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Not even Fallowfield. More specifically, the centre of Hyde Park is Sainsbury’s local.

If you want culture, there’s the famous Brudenell Social Club and Hyde Park Picture House. It’s a dream.

The Greasy Pig is another legendary spot. Like a doctor’s surgery the café provides life-saving treatments for hungover students who exit seemingly cured of their torpor following a hearty breakfast, and only in Hyde Park could you get a café claiming to be a takeaway and a coffee shop at the same time. Hyde Park has everything you could ever need and then some.

Terrace and Old Bar

Our pair of resident bars serve the hordes of alcohol-craving creatures that inhabit the university. The amazing selection of liquor at both bars can compete only with the volumes of inebriated students, who, lured by the false promise of a ‘cheeky pint in between lectures’ have now missed the rest of their lectures.

The Clubs

Leeds is home to a flourishing club scene suited to all tastes and dignities. If twerking shamelessly to S Club is your thing then Fruity and Pryzm are your best bet. Wire, Beaverworks, and Canal Mills provide a venue for the heads.

Our campus is beautiful

Leeds University is stunning. Juxtaposed with the shiny new Laidlaw, displaying the latest in modern architectural design, is that wonder of modern sculpture – the bacon statue. Then at the top of Woodhouse Lane is the magnificent Parkinson Building towering over campus and at the same time looking down at Beckett. Immaculate.

We’re brainy

If you got into Leeds, chances are you’re rocking the high end of the IQ scale. We’re 133rd in the world and 19th in the country and not afraid to shout about it. Talented on all fronts, our decorated alumni include politician Jack Straw, actor Peter Sellers, and singer Corrine Bailey Rae. We make everyone else seem like Neanderthals. But it’s not our fault we’re so gifted.