Uber has come to Edinburgh

About bloody time

Today, at 4pm, Uber launched in Edinburgh, and our lives just got a whole lot better.

Uber allows you to quickly order cabs from your phone, track your driver, and rate them at the end of the trip – generally improving your travel experience. On top of all that, it could cost half as much as a regular cab.


A trip from Pollock to Why Not would cost you £7-8 in a black cab, but with Uber just £4-6.

Gone are the days of freeloaders with their: “Can you pay for the taxi and I’ll buy you a drink in the club?” thanks to features like fare-split that charge everyone the same amount.

Although Uber is great for us, it’s caused controversy in the past for putting regular cab drivers out of business. Ethan, a second year English student sympathises with the cabbies “they’ve got great chat. Uber drivers just can’t match that.”

Although The Scotsman reported that Les McVay, secretary of City Cabs, “welcomed” the competition.