One Big DilEMMA: PC Gone Mad

EREN KILICH likes to dress as a prostitute. And won’t let bop planners tell him he can’t.

‘Fire In The Red Light District’ Ignites Controversy

Emma have been forced to change the theme of their bop after the original ‘Fire in the Red Light District’ theme proved too controversial.

Throw Your Own Week 5 Party

“You’re bored of bopping and swapping.” TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL brings you party suggestions, complete with playlists, The Only Way Is Essex, cocktails and costumes.

Catz Bar Closed Indefinitely After Vandalism

“Climate of anger and mistrust prevails” as Catz Dean closes their bar “indefinitely” and cancels Halloween bop.

Exclusive: Chunder In The Jungle: John’s Ent Ends In Carnage

Future of John’s Ents uncertain after night of ‘booze, babes and banter’ ends in carnage.

Rich Bitch

This week Rich Bitch explains how Prada’s crystal mesh dresses are the perfect bop costume…

Bops Are Back At Queens’

Bops are back as Queens’ Dean caves into pressure and lifts the ban on all non-academic events in College – follow all the updates HERE!

Queens’ Dean Backs Down

Queens’ College Dean has bowed to student pressure and reversed his ban on Halfway Hall.

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

What to do to send them running for that restraining order.

College Bar Crawl: Clare Cellars

Another stop in the college bar crawl: this week it’s Clare Cellars.

Your Week Revealed…

The Tab’s resident mystic delivers another round of scarily-accurate premonitions.

Your Week Revealed…

The Tab’s resident mystic tells you what’s in your stars this week.

Food Review: Browns

Bayan Parvizi continues his culinary odyssey with a disappointing post-bop brunch at Browns.

Corruption: Black Moon Beach Party

****- The annual prelude to fresher copulation was still enjoyable as a Third Year.