Bops Are Back At Queens’

Bops are back as Queens’ Dean caves into pressure and lifts the ban on all non-academic events in College – follow all the updates HERE!

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Queens’ Dean of Discipline Dr Martin Dixon has caved into pressure and lifted the ban on all non-academic events in College.

The sanction followed vandalism to College property in December.

Though no culprit has yet been identified, Dr Dixon announced that he would restart granting permission for events during a Governing Body meeting today.

In an email sent by JCR President Emil Hewage, Dixon conceded that: "extending the ban would not help find the culprit of last term's vandalism."

"Furthermore", said Hewage, "we have been able to convince him that his current actions have served as a sufficient deterrent.

"If anything, this issue has highlighted some major shortcomings in how the college deals with student discipline.

"Given that the SCR has now started to review the college's policies, it is our intention to push for a system which we feel is more adequate."

The news comes less than twenty-four hours after the originally banned Halfway Hall went ahead in college as planned.

In an email to students, Queens’ JCR Bar Rep Charlie Bell explained, ‘the good news is that the DEAN HAS REALLOWED EVERYTHING EVENTS-wise [sic] from THIS SUNDAY at midnight.’

Joanne Robertson, Publicity Officer for Queens' Ents, was equally delighted: "Since the announcement of the ban in December, we felt it was unfair, but logic has now prevailed and we are looking forward rather than backwards.

"We were extremely pleased with the support we received from Queens' students and many others throughout the University.

"The ban has shown the senior members of College how important Queens' Ents are to a lot of people, and that we were determined not to be banished to the library!"

Four bops have been lost to the ban so far, although the Queens’ Ents committee held two sell-out ‘Ents in Exile’ this term.

The first, held at Hidden Rooms three weeks ago, was largely a College affair. However last Saturday's ‘Silent Standoff’ at the Union, run in conjunction with the popular Clare Ents, was attended by students from throughout the university.

"It was hugely successful and we are planning to continue it as an annual event.",she said.

There are rumours that the Dean was encouraged to show lenience by fellow members of staff.

Others have suggested that a resoundingly successful and trouble-free Halfway Hall held in College last night also aided the decision.

Dr Dixon granted permission for the event less than three weeks ago, leaving organiser Charlie Bell just over a fortnight to arrange the landmark celebration.

However, there was no trace of haste in the proceedings, and even Queens’ College President Lord Eatwell commented how well the night went.

The removal of the ban has been universally praised among the student body, although some students have expressed their concern that the effects of the ban will be longer lasting.

A 1st year historian at Queens’ who asked not to be named told The Tab, "I’ve heard people say that we stand to lose yet more bops due to the impossibility of pulling something that major together in such short a time.

"But the social side of Queens’ is a massive part of College life and I’m excited to get back to the way things were in Michaelmas."

More to follow…