This is going to hurt: Medical students could face expulsion after cocaine-fuelled ball

Bristol Medical School says that last month’s shenanigans were ‘absolutely incompatible with being a doctor’

Bristol Medical School has told students who attended last month’s Galenical Ball that if they’re found to have committed serious wrongdoings, they could be kicked out of the university.

In an email, faculty leaders told students: “Evidence of Class-A drug use could lead to your removal from the course.”

This follows the widely reported debauchery which took place on the 12th of March during which students took cocaine, danced on mahogany tables and stole antique statues.

A section of the email sent to medical students

The email was signed by eight professors following a disciplinary meeting with year five students who hope to graduate this semester.

The email mentions that members of the GMC (General Medical Council) are involved in the investigation. It suggests that students who took part in the consumption of Class-A drugs would be unable to qualify as a doctor in the future.

Officials also referenced those who may have not been directly involved in the scandalous behaviour. “We understand that many of you saw what happened, and you know who was involved,” the email reads. “As a doctor, the GMC is not just interested in the person doing the wrong thing.

“They also hold to account the person who stands by and lets things, who turns a blind eye, and who does not intervene.”

Bristol Medical School has advised that information about the ball should stay “confidential.” The email stressed the “reputational risk” to the Medical School if students continued to talk to the press about the events of last month.

The investigation into the Galenical’s spring ball is scheduled to conclude next week.

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