You will regret not bringing these seven essential items on the Bristol Uni ski trip

‘A little nip of Jack Daniel’s will be your best mate in the mountains to keep you safe from the cold and to increase your confidence’

There’s only 13 days left to go until 2,000 Bristol University students will travel to Avoriaz in Morzine for the single biggest university ski trip in the whole world.

As a Bristol student, most of you will have fallen down a slope or two in the past, but whether you’re a beginner with a dodgy knee or a seasonaire who can backflip, these are seven things you don’t want to be left without.

The Bristol Tab has spoken to some accomplished snow sports enthusiasts and comprised a list of all the items that are essential to bring in order to ensure the best time in the snow-tipped peaks.

1. Sun cream

If the sun is shining, prepare to come back from the mountains with a tan line which makes you look like you’ve got a beard, regardless of how much sun cream you put on. You can however, cause your skin to be fashionably tanned rather than peeling lobster red. 

2. Energy

Not to snort but to drink. Anyone would need a boost on the fourth day of sliding down a mountain let alone when you add festival level events into the mix.

3. Long THICC socks

The death trap that is a ski boot, and even the soft cloud that are snowboarding boots, will rub the skin off your legs if you are not yanking long socks up. 

4. Hip Flask 

A little nip of Jack Daniel’s will be your best mate in the mountains to keep you safe from the cold and to increase your confidence.

However, if you suddenly get the confidence to send that backflip, you’ve had too much and I can promise you: intact limbs are better than broken ones. 

5. Snood

Sitting with your legs dangling on the ski lift may look relaxing but the bitter winds will have your chin frozen. Your snood will be the oasis in the desert. 

Like a VK on a Wednesday, an M&M’s after Gravity – it is exactly what you need and you’ll be incredibly grateful for it. 

6. Pit Vipers 

The sun will burn your retinas without some form of sunglasses. More importantly however, this trendy item will definitely give you an advantage in your mission of snogging a seasonaire. Get you and your crew matching pairs to ensure you’re the most obnoxious group on the slopes. 

7. Condoms 

Year 8 Biology in one picture

If the ick of falling flat on your ass in skis isn’t a good enough birth control, make sure to bring some extra. Not just the johnny that has been sitting in your wallet since 2018 because what happens in Avoriaz stays in Avoriaz. 

Everyone looks sexy in that snowboarding gear and out of the 2,000 students going, the chances of getting lucky are pretty high.

Extra points for getting busy in a gondola.

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