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Bristol student forced to use a food bank after student loan comes in late

‘I cannot leave the house really’

A student at the University of Bristol was left penniless for two weeks and was forced to use a food bank.

This was due to a mistake between Student Finance England and the University of Bristol.

Dan, who asked for his real name to be concealed, told BBC Radio 4's that he feels "let down."

Due to his parents' income falling just above the cut-off, he is unable to receive extra funding to support his studies.

He fears he may be forced to use the food bank again by the end of the year.

Dan told The BBC: "I cannot leave the house really. I can't justify the cost of anything. I can't go out, I can't socialise, I can't join a club or have hobbies. I can't do that. I have to spend all of my money on food.

"It is the cost of being alive, not even the cost of living."

The uni has come under increasing scrutiny for its cost of living, with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Hugh Brady, saying the level of funding was a "big issue."

Professor Brady told The BBC: "Cost of living continues to go up. Unfortunately rent continues to go up.

"Certainly we're hearing from the various parties that that is on their radar and that is to be welcomed."