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I went to a Brexit-themed party and someone actually came as David Cameron’s pig

Unlike the real-deal, this wasn’t postponed…

What do you do when your birthday falls on the same day the UK are supposed to leave the EU?

You have a Brexit-themed fancy-dress party to mark the occasion.

The costumes certainly didn't disappoint, with a lot of people committing wholeheartedly to the theme.

Here are the best outfits of the night.

The 'Deal or No Deal' Box

The birthday girl herself came as the 'Deal or No Deal' Box, complete with a 'No Deal' sign inside. If you look close enough, you can see the added disclaimer.

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The Infamous Bus

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A Pig

If you know, you know. I'm afraid I'm not going to spell it out.

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The Falling Pound

There were a few of these. Catch this pound, LITERALLY falling down the stairs.

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No coins were harmed in the making of this article.

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The Times Newspaper

This was a really clever one. She's wearing the unicorn onesie as there is one in the newspaper's logo. A unicorn that is, not a unicorn onesie.

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A Flat-Earther

Complete with a colander helmet.

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The Failing NHS

This was a more controversial choice, but he was eager to show his fishnets off!

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standard-issue NHS fishnets