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Nominate Bristol’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette 2018

Do you have fit friends?


Is your housemate a sizzling singleton in desperate need of some recognition?

Does your course mate always turn heads when she swaggers into lectures?

Does your ripped rugby mate always complain about how little action he gets? (Unlikely as that may be)

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Last year's winners – Toby DB and Liv Bancroft

Well, this is your chance to propel your male and female friends to campus stardom and win hearts, minds and phone numbers everywhere.

You can nominate anyone you like, they won’t know who nominated them. We’re very discreet. You can even nominate yourself.

Just fill out this Google form anonymously with their name, age, course, reasons why they're the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette and a link to their FB page so we can use their profile pic.


For an example of what we might be looking for, here is the competition we ran last year. Good luck!