There’s a new bar in Bristol that serves 400 types of gin

Gotta try em all

Has that Tesco own-brand vodka left you with a nasty taste in your mouth? Wouldn’t you like to try something different, go back to the days of a casual gin and tonic?

Well lucky for you a new bar has opened in Bristol that serves 400 types of gin!

The new bar “Dutch” will be taking over the “The Retreat”, the former Old Market Venue.

They will also be serving food and are planning to put on films and music for entertainment, now the classiest way to Netflix&Chill in Bristol!

It is the perfect place for a first Tinder date. If everything goes wrong then you can work your way through as many gins as possible before excusing yourself in an ambulance.

Freshers who feel like making their way to the top of the chunder chart in the fanciest way (I’m talking to you Wills) should head on down!

Besides, that overdraft isn’t going to spend itself!

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