Man falls into river while trying to sneak into Motion

He made a real splash

A man’s alleged attempt to sneak into Motion backfired when he plunged into the river on Saturday night.

A crowd of concerned onlookers gathered in the smoking area around 1 a.m. to watch the rescue efforts of the fire brigade.

The freezing river alongside Motion

Among them was second-year student Syana Nyaako, who told the Tab that the man was “holding onto a rope as he was being hauled out by firemen.”

“It was shocking,” she added, “I hope he was okay.”

It appeared that the man had been trying to make his way unnoticed around the fence surrounding the back smoking area, which overlooks the river directly.

With temperatures on the night averaging around a mere 5 degrees, concern for the man’s health were certainly not out of place.

The entrance to the club was briefly barred as the incident was dealt with, contributing to already large queues and crowding.

Many attendees questioned the practicality and safety of the new arrangement and one bouncer was overheard saying that the failure of an intruder should face charges.

As of now it is unclear whether the culprit was a student.