Women’s Aid issues statement over Jack’s ‘controlling and abusive’ behaviour on MAFS Australia

It comes after he said that Lauren should be ‘muzzled’

Everyone was absolutely shocked by the vile and derogatory comment Jack made to Lauren last night on MAFS Australia 2024 when he asked Jono to “muzzle his woman.” The outburst led to both cast members and viewers being outraged by Jack’s behaviour, leading many viewers to insist that he should be removed from the show because of his “misogynistic behaviour.”

Women’s Aid released a statement to The Tab about the “muzzle” comment Jack made last night, as well as the steps MAFS Australia 2024 producers should take to make sure cast members are safeguarded from such behaviour.


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Women’s Aid said: “Viewers of reality television, like the MAFS franchise, are increasingly aware of signs of coercive and controlling behaviour, as well as wider topics of domestic abuse and violence against women and girls. Each season, viewers will call out disturbing behaviours by contestants and it is vital that producers pay attention – not only vetting contestants properly before they start filming, but also intervening when there is controlling or abusive behaviour from contestants, and even removing them from the show when necessary for the safety of others. ”

They continued: “The world of entertainment has a responsibility to viewers – including many young viewers who are forming their ideas about relationships – to show that harmful behaviours are not acceptable and that unacceptable behaviour will be addressed.”

Hopefully, at the next MAFS Australia 2024 commitment ceremony, Jack will be properly chastised by the experts for his behaviour.

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