Jayden’s ex before MAFS speaks out and claims shocking confession week story is a huge lie?!

‘You couldn’t even pay my friends a million dollars to sleep with him’

So remember when Jayden told that wild story about his ex during confession week on MAFS Australia 2024? Well the ex in question has spoken out, and has claimed his whole story is a lie. Start to finish, untrue.

Jayden shocked us all, maybe even more so than he shocked bride Eden, when he said his biggest confession was that his previous ex cheated on him loads of times, and to get back at her he had slept with her best friend… whilst she watched. Truly toxic behaviour.

“My ex-girlfriend cheated on me,” he told Eden on the show. “She was going on dinner dates, movie dates and I even had guys openly admit to me in person that they had slept with her. I told her that I was willing to give her another chance, but I’m gonna sleep with her best friend while she watches. One of her friends agreed to do it. So after a little bit of chatting for a few days, it happened.”

But, now his ex has spoken out and she claims not a single part of this story is true. Speaking to Pedestrian.TV, the woman asked to remain anonymous, but said none of this happened, and she didn’t cheat. She said the pair dated for three years and have been broken up for over a year. 

MAFS Australia 2024 star Jayden tells Eden confession week story

via Channel 9 / E4

“I never fucking cheated on him,” she said. “I never slept with anyone while we were in a relationship.” And as for the wild story he told, she said: “You couldn’t even pay my friends a million dollars to sleep with him.”

She said the only thing that did happen in their relationship was that – once they had broken up – Jayden said he was going to sleep with one of her friends. She said: “So we broke up for a little bit. And in that time, I was trying to move on because when you’re in a toxic relationship, you don’t really want to go back in there, but somehow you kind of like come back.

“It was probably a couple of months that we were broken up and in that time, I ended up going on dates and talking to someone else — and I didn’t sleep with anyone — but I was just trying to move on. Anyway, we ended up talking and he found out, and he fucking lost his shit.”

She explained Jayden was “so angry” at her, and claimed he told her: “Now for you to learn a lesson, I’m going to *try* to sleep with one of your friends.” But, she didn’t say it actually happened.


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