Love Island Games Jack Justine relationship

Jack and Justine have won the Love Island Games, but are they still together?

‘Our current relationship status is doing our best’

Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba have won the first-ever series of Love Island Games. You’ll probably remember Jack from season four of Love Island where he was famously coupled up with Laura Anderson before going on a date with Georgia Steel.  Justine Ndiba starred in season two of Love Island USA where she won with her ex Caleb Corprew.

The premise of the show was to couple up and then fight against the other Love Island Games contestants in different challenges. Jack and Justine coupled up on the first day of the show and were the only couple to remain together for the whole 17 days of the series.

The pair won a $100,000 prize which they decided to split, but are the winners still together now, and what is their relationship status?

In an interview, the two spoke about where their relationship currently stands, as Justine and Jack never made it official in the Love Island Games villa.

Justine explained that their current relationship status is them “doing their best.” She continued: “I feel like we live so far away from each other, so right now we’re just 100 per cent doing our best.”

Jack also discussed how “hard” long-distance is making the relationship between him and Justine after Love Island Games. He said: “It’s hard because I’ve obviously got work in London. That’s where my family is and all the rest of it. And obviously, Justine is here. So there’s a big bit of water in between us. But we talk every day when we’re apart, like on Facetime.

“But I get to talk to Justine about it and I know some parts of the show were quite difficult for us both, so I think we’ve just tried our best to be there for each other more than anything. But no, we’re trying our damn best. We are literally taking it day by day and enjoying each other’s time.”

Looks like they’re taking it slow and probably trying to work out what to spend their $50k on!

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