im a celeb launch memes

The only thing not boring about the I’m A Celeb launch are these 25 memes roasting it

Everyone referring to Jamie-Lynn Spears as ‘Britney’s sister’ against her wishes is pleasing to me

I did not watch I’m A Celeb last night, and have no plans to – I do not support the platforming of Nigel Farage and the eye-watering sum of money he’s allegedly been paid to head into the jungle. I also do not want to see a crumb of Jamie-Lynn Spears making a buck on the back of the Spears name, especially after everything Britney has alleged about her behaviour in her recent book. All round, a series of hell. But one thing I will do on launch night is take a lot at all the I’m A Celeb memes from launch night to see if everyone roasting it is as good as I knew it would be. Here are the very best.

1. Was there any doubt in anyone’s mind EVER who the superior sister is?

2. The hyperfixation it has on that skyscraper is beyond belief

3. She smashed it out of the park

4. Sobbing at the accuracy


6. Love you Rylan, but DON’T DO IT

7. What a shock and she’s literally the best one in there

8. Need to see the Spears phone bill

9. Lmao

10. He is literally so corny

11. It’s what she deserves unfortunately

12. The only shining light of joy


14. Same shit different year

15. A ludicrous claim – you simply have to laugh 

16. Britney deffo laughed

17. I’m Far Right, Get Me In Here (to soften my image!)

18. Oh we were so happy back then

19. The retriever energy of that man is fascinating

20. Louder for the ignorant at the back please, Dr Jo

21. Pure cinema

22. We are so shattered

23. We need it ASAP

24. Painful

25. Literally me


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