The Crown season six part one memes

Stop Googling the real life events and enjoy these 27 memes about The Crown season six

I’m still crying

Part one of season six of The Crown is here, which means we’re all sharing memes about our favourite royal drama once again. It’s back, big time! This season of the show focuses on the romance between Diana and Dodi Fayed, and their deaths in Paris.

The show was a lot. In between frantically Googling which real events were true and what things have been made up for the sake of Netflix drama, I think pretty much everyone cried throughout most of part one. Despite it being a re-telling of real life events, and we all knew what was going to happen, somehow we were all still praying for a happy ending.

So if you’re ready to probably start sobbing all over again, here are all the very best memes about part one of The Crown season six.


2. Art

3. My royal era x

4. I can’t deal with this

5. Get it in galleries

6. 🥺

7. The people’s princess!!!!

8. A sweep at the Emmys

9. She ate

10. It’s all too much!!!

11. I’m not having it

12. Truth

13. We needed this!

14. We knew what was coming

15. Stunning

16. Feels

17. SCREAMING at the screen

18. Point proven

19. I’m still mad

20. Nothing could have prepared me

21. Rated this I really did

22. Pls I’ll start sobbing again

23. I BEG

24. Obsessed with this

25. Omg this line got me BAD

26. So good!

27. Pretty much

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