Georges MAFS UK rich life

Inside Georges from MAFS UK’s rich upbringing, from private school to family restaurants

His parents’ restaurant looks absolutely delectable


Despite Peggy’s parents initially not thinking that Georges came from a fancy enough family during MAFS UK, it turns out that his whole family is actually really rich. From his swanky flat, award-winning family restaurant and private school education, let’s look into Georges’ secret rich life before his time on MAFS UK.

His parents have their own restaurant

Georges’ parents have their own French restaurant in the gorgeous town of Romsey called La Parisienne. The restaurant started in 1992 and “offers diners the chance to relax in the ambience of an authentic French restaurant without crossing the channel!”

The restaurant describes itself as “offering quality & value for money, La Parisienne has become a part of the Romsey community, possessing a successful lunch trade as well as evening dining.

“Whether you are eating out for a special occasion or a ‘spur of the moment’ meal, you can find the right menu for you, amongst the smells of freshly baked baguettes or waft of a passing bowl of steaming mussels.” The restaurant is run by fully trained professional French chefs and staff, and Peggy and Georges even had a dinner date there on MAFS UK but it sadly got cut from the final show.

Absolutely craving an unholy amount of baguettes now.

Fancy private school education

If the pattern on Georges’ trousers at the MAFS UK reunion weren’t enough of a hint that he had a rich upbringing and education, I don’t know what is. Georges went to Stroud School in Romsey, Embley Boarding School and Norman Court. Embley Boarding School is one of the leading private schools in the country and looks insanely boujee.

Embley Boarding School offers boarding and day pupils, with fees costing up to £6,350 per term for each student, as of 2023. Included in that price each student gets their own iPad, freshly prepared lunch, co-curricular activities and books and stationery. The school has a lot of sports facilities including rugby pitches, Astroturf, athletics track, cricket nets, netball courts, 9 9-hole golf course, badminton courts, tennis courts and a covered swimming pool.

Now we know where Georges started his love for all things sport!

Georges also went to Norman Court School for a while, which has sadly now shut down. Like Embley, Normal Court also had a tennis court and swimming pools, and from the photos, it looks like it looked absolutely beautiful.

Peggy’s family are going to be welcoming him with open arms after seeing this!

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