Arthur was only 27 when he started in the music video and doesn’t yet have any of the tattoos that he proudly showed off in his vest at the reunion episodes.

Arthur was a ditched groom for the second time this week on MAFS UK, as Laura decided not to continue their relationship at the vow renewals. She said: “I know we’ve grown as individuals in this process, but the more I grow as a person the more I grow apart from you.

“I’ve always been a fixer, but I’ve realised this relationship is something that can’t be fixed. You helped me realise what I don’t want and I’m going to give you this [wedding ring] back, but thank you for making me realise who I am. You’ll be perfect for someone, but it won’t be me.”

Arthur wrote on his Instagram afterwards: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Thank you for what’s probably going to be one of the best experiences of my humble life.

‘This journey has taught me a few things. I’ve learnt that it’s ok not to be ok, you don’t always have to pretend that you’re the strongest person alive, it’s ok to be vulnerable at times and show your feelings and emotions when needed.”

He added: “Thank all the crew and cast members but most importantly Laura for putting up with me behind closed doors. I’ve said and done so many things that didn’t even make the edit!”

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