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A deep dive into whether Emma from Selling Sunset is rich enough to have her own jet

She would have to sell so many empanadas

Emma from Selling Sunset is really rich, and has one of the biggest net worths of the Selling Sunset cast. So rich that it seems she barely needs to make any commission to continue living her luxurious lifestyle. But is Emma actually rich enough to own her own private jet, and how much money are those empanadas really making her? Let’s investigate!

Where does Emma’s wealth come from?

On The Oppenheim Group website, Emma describes herself as a “self-made millionaire” and she has a reported net worth of $3million. Emma’s main business is her food company, Emma Leigh & Co, which sells plant-based empanadas. Empanadas are baked or fried turnovers consisting of pastry and filling which are common in Spain.

Emma currently sells her empanadas on her website as well as in-store, where you can buy 36 of them for a whopping $99!

Emma started out investing money into her family’s east coast business, Yankee Trader Seafood in Massachusetts. She then moved to Los Angeles where she invested in various companies and start-ups before starting her own brand. As her business grew, Emma bought her own manufacturing facility on the east coast where she makes and packs her items.

Speaking to Forbes, she said: “I own 100 per cent of my company, which is really rare today. We’re in the ‘Shark Tank’ era where a lot of people want to play with other people’s money because it’s a lot easier. I’ve put my entire savings and everything into my company. I feel really proud to be where I am today.”

As well as her Selling Sunset appearances, Emma is invested in Nanotech, which is a big company out of UCLA that makes “state-of-the-art batteries.” She is also invested in the bike company Wheels and a CBD company called Green Gorilla, as well as some other companies.

“There’s so much synergy between real estate and being a female entrepreneur,” she told Forbes. “Just meeting people in the industry that I’m in, I’m meeting the top CEOs of the entire food industry and they’re worth billions of dollars.

“I make a connection with them and they realise I’m a very hard worker. Those tie-in to real estate, so now they’re looking for homes to buy and they’re recommending their friends to me, as well, so it has been a great synergy.”

Emma also has an extensive property portfolio including residential and commercial investment properties in LA as well as her hometown, according to the Oppenheim website.

How much would she have to make to own her own private jet?

There’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to how her private jet is actually from a company called Wheels Up, which charters jets for people and businesses. “It’s clearly a charter,” one person wrote on the thread. “Also, LA to Cabo PJ charter is probably only $10-20k one way for so few ppl so the $$ is not that absurd. I don’t think Emma paid for it honestly.”

Another added: “You need to have wealth of at least $100million to actually own a jet (maintaining it plus the fuel is expensive). There are small planes that are on the cheaper end but that is not what they are on in the show. I only know two people who own jets (G7s) and they are both billionaires.”

One thing she definitely does own is a limited-edition Faraday Future FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance electric hypercar reportedly worth a massive $309,000, which she showed off on her Instagram in late September. However Emma from Selling Sunset makes her money, she’s making enough of it to be pretty mega rich!

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