Selling Sunset season seven gossip column

Selling Sunset gossip column: TWO more realtors might quit?! And Emma doesn’t own the jet?

With all this drama I need the reunion NOW

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People are convinced Emma was exaggerating about ‘owning’ a private jet

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So, everyone was a bit taken aback when during season seven the cast jetted off to Cabo and Emma casually got her private jet for some of the girls to fly in. She kept going on about how it was her own plane, and that if the girls play their cards right, they can fly in it whenever they want.

But of course, we don’t accept things that easily. Everyone was left questioning if Emma really is the owner of the jet, or if it was a little white lie to make herself look all rich and fancy.

There’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to how it’s actually from a company called Wheels Up, which charters jets for people and businesses. “It’s clearly a charter,” one person wrote on the thread. “Also, LA to Cabo PJ charter is probably only $10-20k one way for so few ppl so the $$ is not that absurd. I don’t think Emma paid for it honestly.”

Another added: “You need to have wealth of at least $100million to actually own a jet (maintaining it plus the fuel is expensive). There are small planes that are on the cheaper end but that is not what they are on in the show. I only know two people who own jets (G7s) and they are both billionaires.” Btw, Emma’s net worth is $3million.

People are convinced Chrishell is going to quit Selling Sunset and I can’t breath

MailOnline has published an article of “all the signs” Chrishell is going to quit Selling Sunset, and right now, I can’t come to terms with this. Apparently Chrishell feels “used” to create dramatic storylines, such as her feud with Marie-Lou and arguments with Amanza and Nicole throughout season seven.

Selling Sunset season seven gossip column

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Ahead of the reunion episode later this week, Chrishell has said there’s a “big announcement” during the extra episode, and following an angry post on Instagram about the storylines, people are wondering if this could be her announcing her departure. Say it ain’t so!

And now people are saying Mary could leave too!!!

On top of this, people are theorising that Mary could call time on Selling Sunset, too. Screenrant has said there’s “a chance” Mary won’t appear in the show beyond season seven “as she is considering leaving the show”.

The publication has said since the miscarriage which she spoke about on the show, Mary may be considering focusing on her family more now, and leaving the drama of Netflix behind her. Citing all the drama and arguments throughout season seven, Screenrant added: “All this stress may lead Mary to leave Selling Sunset for good.”

Mary AND Chrishell?! What would even be the point anymore?!

Bre didn’t know the cameras were rolling when she said she’d slept with Michael B Jordan

During season seven, Bre just casually dropped into a convo that she once slept with Michael B Jordan. Cool! When Amanza said she loves the actor, Bre said: “I could do that and I’ve done that…”.

She’s now told ETOnline she wasn’t actually aware she was being filmed at that time. She said: “We were all having girl talk, and we were sitting and resetting the cameras – it wasn’t a conversation that was technically [for public consumption]. I know better and that’s my own fault. I know better.

“I’ve definitely learned a lot these last few seasons but that was in no way me trying to be like ‘Oh, I did X, Y and Z.’ You know, there’s other things that happen in these conversations but remember, we want to make a good show. Whatever makes it, makes it and whatever doesn’t, doesn’t. But also, that wasn’t my intention.”

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Bre is STILL denying she has ever met Cassandra

This argument between Bre and Cassandra will never end. During the show, Bre was sure the pair had never met, despite Cassandra making it very clear they had. Bre then said there was a huge argument cut out the show, which would have given some context about why she had such beef with her fellow real estate agent.

Then, everyone went deep into investigating if Bre and Cassandra knew each other before Selling Sunset and it looked as though they did, but Bre has told MailOnline this is all… lies.

“Everybody thinks that they’re like Pink Panther, and they’re investigating whatever’s happening here and I’m gonna make it very clear: I’ve never ever met this woman in my entire life,” Bre said. “Have we had mutual friends? Yes. Do we know of each other from the industry? Yes.”

People pointed out a previous Instagram post of Cassandra’s, where she was showing off her engagement ring, and Bre commented. Speaking about the Instagram post, Bre continued: “There was something called engagement groups, which a lot of influencers started years ago, where you would follow each other and you would comment and like on each other’s posts to help with algorithms – but we’ve never met.”

The reunion has been teased and it looks DRAMATIC

Netflix has released a first trailer for the Selling Sunset season seven reunion, and it looks juicy as hell. All the realtors are back, and it’s clear that no topic is off-limits.

Marie-Lou comes back to hash things out with Chrishell, and says “Chrishell was just a topic on camera”, but this doesn’t stop host Tan France straight-up asking Jason if he’s still in love with Chrishell. He can’t hide from the truth either, as he’s hooked up to a lie detector on the show.

Clearly the feuds from this season are brought up as later, Chrishell can be seen pointing at Nicole and saying “you started the fire and now we’re in it, so let’s go.”

The Selling Sunset season seven reunion airs on Netflix on November 15th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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