This editing error in Selling Sunset season seven proves how hilariously staged it is

Sorry but why did they even bother putting this clip in?

There’s an editing error in season seven of Selling Sunset which is just so hilariously unnecessary that it proves how little the show must care about coming across as staged these days.

Every single season of Selling Sunset contains editing errors, they aren’t new, they just prove to us that nothing we see happening on screen is actually how it played out in real life. Previously we’ve had Jason “taking a phone call” when he was just on his camera app, and plenty of examples of drinks magically going up and down showing that huge chunks of conversations have been edited out.

In season seven of Selling Sunset, the biggest editing error came in episode nine, whilst the cast members were visiting Cabo. There was a scene where Amanza, Chelsea, Nicole, Mary and Romain were all on sun loungers gossiping, as per. Nothing to report there.

Editing error in season seven of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix

But, you might notice that as the conversation begins, Romain is wearing a white The Oppenheim Group cap. Then suddenly, for the blink of an eye, his cap changes to be orange, before returning to be white again. For a brief second he is seen blowing a kiss at his wife Mary, before his cap changes back.

Editing error in season seven of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix

Look, I just don’t understand why it happened? Did Romain desperately want there to be a clip of him blowing a kiss at Mary that he made them add it in after the first scene had been filmed and he’d forgotten what cap he’d originally worn?

“I knew reality TV was fake but like… fake it a little better,” said someone on TikTok, sharing the clip. I could’t have put it better myself.

Watch the Selling Sunset season seven editing error happen in real time here:

I just need some answers.

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