From fake phone calls to staged chats: The biggest ever editing errors on Selling Sunset

And we’re meant to believe this show is real?


Selling Sunset is one of those shows people constantly question for authenticity. Since season one people have been wondering if Selling Sunset is staged, and the amount of editing errors that have been on the show aren’t really helping the cause.

Over the now seven seasons there have been outfit malfunctions, things magically changing in scenes and loads of blunders that probably should have been picked up on.

Here’s a rundown of the funniest and most obvious editing errors, that somehow didn’t get noticed and made it into the final cut of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

When Jason Oppenheim was meant to be on the phone to a client, but was actually on his camera app

Editing errors in Selling Sunset on Netflix

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During season five, Jason left the office to take a call from an “important client” but was actually just on his camera app. People straight away called the moment staged and “fake” – speculating actual business calls are taken when the camera aren’t rolling, and what we see on Selling Sunset is just recreations on what happened.

Jason’s ever changing Aperol Spritz

In Selling Sunset season six, Jason went out for a drink and was joined by Chrishell. He ordered two Aperol Spritzes, and Chrishell came and met him at the table. When she arrived, she said she didn’t like Aperol, so Jason was left to finish the two drinks whilst she ordered wine.

However, as their chat went on, people noticed the amount of drink in Jason’s two spritzes continued to go up and down. One minute he had two full glasses, next minute just one that was practically empty, and then his glass was full again.

Chelsea and Christine’s babies literally disappeared

Editing errors in Selling Sunset on Netflix

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I shouldn’t laugh, but does anyone else find it hilarious that the Selling Sunset producers didn’t notice Chelsea and Christine’s babies disappeared during a scene? HOW did this one slip through the net?!

During season five, there was a scene where Chelsea and Christine met up on the beach. They both brought along their babies for a cute little picnic and gossip session. But, halfway through the scene, the babies just aren’t there anymore?!

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Chelsea had bobbles down the back of her dress

Editing errors in Selling Sunset on Netflix

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In an episode during season five, Chelsea and her husband met up for dinner with Mary and Jason. When Chelsea stood up to greet Mary, it was very visible that her dress was being held in place with hair ties all down the back of it. Bit awks.

Christine’s magically changing hat

During season five, Chelsea hosted a tea party. Christine arrived in one hat, a blue fascinator, but in the blink of an eye this magically became a huge pink hat?!

And Romain’s magically changing cap!

Sticking with the theme of changing head gear, exactly the same thing happened with Romain in season seven. Romain was initially wearing a white The Oppenheim Group cap. Then suddenly, for the blink of an eye, his cap changes to be orange, before returning to be white again. For a brief second he is seen blowing a kiss at his wife Mary, before his cap changes back.

Look, I just don’t understand why it happened? Did Romain desperately want there to be a clip of him blowing a kiss at Mary that he made them add it in after the first scene had been filmed and he’d forgotten what cap he’d originally worn?

“I knew reality TV was fake but like… fake it a little better,” said someone on TikTok, sharing the clip. I could’t have put it better myself.

A TV morphed into some flowers

In season four, Vanessa was showing Mary and Jason around one of her listings. During a shot looking around the house, we saw a TV on top of some drawers. All very normal.

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Less than a single second later, the camera jumps and now on top of the drawers are some flowers. Ok then!

Editing errors in Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix


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